How It Works


Just 5 simple steps to protect everything from getting lost:

  1. When you sign up you provide your mobile number and we will assign you a permanent ID code. The ID code is not case sensitive.+
  2. Write this ID-code along with instructions to go to if you find this on a tag or sticker.++
  3. Put this on anything, and on as many things as you want.  You can use one ID-code for all your things.
  4. If you loose something and it is found, the person finding it will be able to send you a message.*
  5. Then make arrangements to retrieve what was lost.

+ If you forget your Lost For Never ID code, you will see it on the Notification Profile page after you log in.

++ Sample tags are here

*By default you will get a text message, but you can make it a message to your email address or both by setting your Notification Preferences. There are no extra charges for text, only you normal carrier rate for SMS delivery.

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